Photo Minds

Getting started in this story? Last year, after my father died I decided to review a box of old films, which have been photographed since the time when my parents got married. Some films were very old and I decided to scan using a film scanner, and then think about what to do. Scanned staff had accumulated several thousand, some of the photos have never been published and some that I saw for the first time. Many photos were damaged and scratched, and from that moment I decided to organize assistance to those who faced the same problem as mine - the restoration of old photographs.

Only later I found among old papers fragments, scraps of film, on which we filmed with my friend, a documentary on the lake Baikal in 1997. Some of these pieces I also scanned, but it was already just a sample for yourself - try different equipment repair damaged images.

As a result of this manic arisen interest (and, in addition to already existing in my experience working with photos and film), I decided to organize its own online service to restore old photos (because I really like photography, photographed on the film). In addition to the (now almost everyone uses digital cameras, because with less hassle - took pictures, looked at it and do not need to show and print), I decided to offer services for styling your digital photos “b/w film with grain”, “vintage picture,” “pencil drawing”, “watercolor “, “oil”, “pastel” etc., as well as sophisticated collage work.

The story in the next post. ;)

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